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Price is Just One Factor

Price is Just One Factor When assessing the value of a property, there are many factors beyond price and price history that should be weighed into the equation. Here are some you may want to consider when working with buyers, and in this list may lie some messaging...

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Top 5 Family Law Pitfalls in Real Estate

Top 5 Family Law "Pitfalls" in Real Estate Thinking about getting married?  Or maybe you already are?  It's important to understand how to protect your real estate assets in case your relationship doesn't pan out. 1. House purchased during the marriage by both spouses...

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Are we in a bubble?

Are we in a bubble? Is California in the midst of another bubble? One of my least favorite buzz words is "bubble."   The resurgence of our economy has incensed doubt in some potential purchasers and sellers. One of the top real estate related questions I'm hearing...

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2017 California Housing Market Takeaways | 2018 Forecast

2017 California Housing Market Takeaways | 2018 Forecast Below are the top 15 takeaways from the 2017 LA Residential Real Estate Market.  Some of these factors will continue to drive our local housing economy in 2018. "At some point, a supply problem becomes a demand...

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How To Properly Vet a Purchase Offer

How to Vet a Purchase Offer If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate in Los Angeles, it’s important to understand the psychology behind how offers are vetted by listing agents and sellers. If you’re buying, it’s important to understand what the seller...

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Marginal Agents Remain the Biggest Threat

Marginal Agents Remain the Biggest Threat to Real Estate The Danger Report The Swanepoel Group does massively in-depth studies and research.  Their report developed a wide-ranging list of the threats and challenges facing the real estate industry in the next 3-5...

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