22 People Involved in Every Real Estate Sale

Did you know, that on average, there are 22 different service providers involved in a real estate transaction?

A Realtor is the one lifeline people have in a transaction and trust in that Realtor is critical.  There are major differences between the agent known for cracking the whip versus the one who masterfully conducts the symphony.

Great Realtors collaborate, make everyone else feel great about their role in the transaction, and most importantly manage expectations.  Who you work with matters.

I’ve seen so many agents press buyers, sellers, and service providers on trivial items or non-consequential due dates, and many times losing site of the end goal, which is to close the sale.  The best of the best know when to push, how to pull, and when to give the other side the time they need.  Below is a list of the 22 roles usually associated with our transactions.

  1. Buyer(s)
  2. Seller(s)
  3. Listing Agent + Team Members
  4. Selling Agent + Team Members
  5. Listing and Selling Broker
  6. Listing Broker or Compliance Manager
  7. Selling Broker or Compliance Manager
  8. Title Officer
  9. Title Sales Rep
  10. Escrow Officer
  11. Jr Escrow Officer or Assistant
  12. Loan Officer
  13. Underwriter
  14. Loan Processor
  15. Home Inspector(s)
  16. Appraiser
  17. Transaction Coordinator Listing Side
  18. Transaction Coordinator Selling Side
  19. Notary
  20. Insurance Agent
  21. Natural Hazard Disclosure Rep
  22. Home Warranty Rep

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Robert Rodriguez


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