The Consumers Decides What the Market Will Produce or Supply

If you build it - they will come, someone once said and maybe you're right - if you're Steve Jobs and you just invented the iPhone. However, we know that the consumer and their needs (AKA market demand) drive what any sales, manufacturer, or service provider will supply. ECON 101.

As a real estate professional, I always ask myself the following question: "What is in the best interest of the consumer?"

In real estate, this question is asked frequently, and often the assumed answers are actually what is NOT in the best interests of the consumer. Many agents and brokerages are self-serving. They do what is best to line their pockets, mostly fueled by greed and short-sightedness. They have done this for decades and in the process have EARNED a bad reputation not just for them but for our industry as a whole.  If fact, recent studies have noted that the biggest threat to Realtors is not technology, AI, or robots replacing us – but it’s marginal or BAD agents.  These agents are so bad that they taint the perception and image of the rest of us.  Click Here to Read More About The Study. In doing so they have also let parts of the industry fall into the hands of predators who claim to have the consumers best interests at heart, but they too are motivated by greed and profit.

What the consumers want and what they SHOULD want – that which actually works in their best interests – can be very different. Very.

“You’re not supposed to give people what they want. You’re supposed to give them want they don’t know they want yet.” – Diana Freeland

In this lies the possibility for great creativity and mind-blowing customer service. Assuming needs is an enormous opportunity. One consumers ‘want’ is to be able to transact in real estate on their own without paying commissions……but we know the reality:  a consumer served by a highly competent and PROFESSIONAL agent who is equipped with knowledge, data, and the will to work really heard in the interests of their client, is often cheaper than paying no commission when you factor in the cost of time and the costly risks most consumers make when ‘doing it on their own’ or worse hiring someone who can land them in court due to lack of contract knowledge, deficiency in ability, and inadequate in market and negotiating the highest most profitable sales price for their client. The key words are competence, proficient, knowledgeable, ethical and professional.

Consumers know real value. They see it and feel it and they are the beneficiaries of it. Navigating the complex and often messy world of brokerage, before, during and after a transaction is not easy or simple. It is fraught with emotion and doubt. It is met with obstacles and subtle nuances that require skills honed over years of practice. Technology can only go so far in addressing these needs, but it can be tremendously useful at fueling the efficiencies.

So next time you have to make a decision, simply ask yourself the question:  “What is in the best interest of yourself (AKA the consumer) when it comes to your next real estate purchase or sale?”.  I’ll argue that it is an agent like myself and I have the 100M sales record to prove it.

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Written By: Robert Rodriguez

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