How to Search For & Rent A Home In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles rental market is fragmented and scattered across many platforms. There is no one website, central hub, or database that holds a list or directory of all of the available properties for lease.

Leasing in LA is a little more work with a few more mouse clicks. Below is a breakdown of all the available sites that hold the majority of the rental inventory and the different approaches to take with each one.


Broker Listed Rental Properties:
Properties listed for lease with an agent or brokerage fall in this category.   If you have an agent helping you search, they will set up daily property alerts which arrive in your inbox every morning.  From the list you are sent you must select the ones you want to see and notify your agent.
**PRO TIP** If you and I are working together, I will set up an account for you in our proprietary search system.  You will receive daily property alerts, and will also be able to save properties in a collection, opt-out of the ones you don’t like, and add notes under each listing inside your account.  We will also be able to share records and collaborate on property collections. Just click the star on the listing you want to see, and I receive the notification and will get to work.
**IMPORTANT**  You must complete two steps before you have access to the properties I send:
Step 1) Open the registration I email I send you and create an account.
Step 2) Download the compass app and login so you can take notes on each property as we go and tour.  
Non-Broker Listed Rental Properties:
Some homeowners and property management companies choose not to list their property or rental unit(s) with a realtor.  The majority use the three below listed sites.
**PRO TIP**  If you are working with me or an agent, I highly suggest you send the list of properties you find in the non-broker listed sites so they can vet them on your behalf.  There are Property Management companies that are notorious for mistreating and not correctly servicing their tenants and agents know the city better than most and can advise you on the area and the building.  They can also check to see if it’s listed for lease with a broker (they sometimes are) and can assist with the process.
**PRO TIP ** I also included a list of recommended financial documents you should have ready before you start touring rental homes.  You want to be prepared so when you find “the one” you can move quickly and receive an approval.
Documents Usually Required for Leasing:
1) Proof of Income which includes one or a combination of the following:
  • Two most recent paystubs
  • Most recent w2
  • Most recent tax return
  • Offer Letter or Employment Contract if relocating from a different city
  • If you are unable to provide the above-listed proofs of income, then the landlord may require 2- 6 months of recent bank statements showing you consistency in deposits
2) Identification (Driver’s license or Passport or State Issued ID)
3) Rental Application is mostly given to you by the owner or agent(s)
4) Your Credit Report which is usually pulled by the owner, listing agent or property management company.
If you have any questions or need help with anything else, please feel free to reach out. 

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